"Pink Balloons and Other Deadly Things" "Sharks, Jellyfish and Other Deadly Things" "Shooting Stars and Other Deadly Things" "Golden Eggs and Other Deadly Things" "Slippery Slopes and Other Deadly Things" "Ablaze"

“Wow! Don’t miss this
cliffhanger with its slightly frazzled,
commitment-phobic, in-your-face heroine who’ll tickle your funny-bone as she
steals your heart.”

Janet Evanovich, author of “Tricky Twenty-Two”


“Tesler uses the delicious irony of the
stressed-out stress therapist to wonderful effect, rarely giving Carrie or the reader time to collect her thoughts." 

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine



Hello Readers.
Welcome to my website!

I write mysteries—mostly amateur sleuths although my latest, “Ablaze,” is an emotionally gripping thriller/love story that explores the terrifying world of destructive cults.

I wrote my very first mystery when I was nine, creating a Nancy Drew-like protagonist named Jean Beacon. My first published mystery, “Pink Balloons and Other Deadly Things,” written several decades later after a brief acting career and the raising of three children, features soon-to-be-divorced Carrie Carlin, a stressed out biofeedback stress therapist. As I’ve been both a biofeedback therapist, and a divorcée who’s had homicidal fantasies, I feel uniquely qualified to have written this series.

“Pink Balloons,” I’m thrilled to say, has hit the Amazon best-seller list on several occasions, once or twice garnering the #1 and #2 spots. In it and in the ensuing books, I “dispose” of my victims without graphic violence and often, unintentionally, with a touch of humor. The book sold to Dell fairly quickly so I decided I must be good at knocking off the undeserving (on paper, of course) and I followed with four more deadly adventures. Writing this series was wonderfully therapeutic and great fun for me and I hope you’ll have fun reading them. Feel free to click on the above links to learn more about me and my books and please subscribe to my email list on my contact page so I can keep you up to date about future events and books.



ABLAZE pulls the reader into the malignant orbit of a sadistic cult, a society where power and greed rule, where "love" is given and withdrawn as a brainwashing technique and life is cheap if you're a troublemaking outsider....

 “…sizzles with suspense, mystery, drama and romance.”
Long and Short Reviews *****

“Nancy's theatrical experience, both on stage and at the writing table, allows her to paint the images of cults, terror, passion, romance, and crime investigation with such deft color that we might as well be watching a film surrounding our space...”

Grady Harp, Hall of fame  top 100 reviewer Vine Voice



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