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Golden Eggs and Other Deadly Things

The good news was that Carrie's father had gotten rich. The bad news was that her stepmom was coming to visit. Carrie thought she could handle Eve for a weekend. But that was before the glamour queen dragged Carrie into a wild-goose chase that led to a dead man in Manhattan. Now Eve is in jail, Carrie's long-lost stepbrother -- so long-lost Carrie didn't know she had one -- is back, and people are dropping like flies. No wonder Carrie's biorhythms are starting to flutter. For Carrie, unraveling the mystery that Eve thrust into her life is a matter of self-preservation. Because a killer has a shortlist of victims--and Carrie's name is right near the top...

"Golden Eggs and Other Deadly Things is a delightful amateur sleuth tale
that will send readers searching for the previous novels in the series.
Carrie is an adorable heroine whose frenzied hysterical lifestyle is something many fans
will understand first hand.  Nancy Tesler has written an appealing,
humorous and well-crafted mystery."
- BookBrowser.com

"Tesler does an outstanding job of maintaining balance between plot, characters, humor and suspense. Golden Eggs is delightful. It is amateur sleuthing at its charming, endearing, laughable and surprising best!"
P.J. Nunn - The Charlotte Austin Review

"Carrie Carlin is one smart cookie who thrives on biorhythm and murder.  If you like lovable dysfunctional characters and a story that includes mayhem and murder, then you'll be mad about this series."
- Old Book Barn Gazette

“Tesler’s book is fun to the max with a capable amateur sleuth to lead us through (these) dire turmoils...Good timing and numerous surprises that convey the reader in unexpected directions make this mystery a refreshing treat.”
- G. Miki Hayden

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