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Pink Balloons and Other Deadly Things

Carrie Carlin is trying to juggle single life in the suburbs, two frisky children, and a full-time career as a biofeedback practitioner. Through it all she's got to stand by while her estranged husband flaunts his new, young, gorgeous fiancée, Erica. When Erica turns up dead, Carrie -- the jealous ex-wife -- becomes a prime suspect. But while Carrie certainly wished her replacement dead, she can't quite convince the police that she didn't actually do it. Now the suburban single mom is on the run, finding out shocking secrets about her ex, her friends, and even her patients -- as a killer visualizes her...

“Nancy Tesler is author of one of the most original and brilliant series featuring an amateur female detective.... This is a novel of real quality. Scarcely anywhere in the whole genre of female detective fiction will you find a better depiction of the emotion of jealousy, the breakup of a marriage, and the tentative growth of new affection.... Into the familiar format Nancy injects powerfully felt emotion and characters who are true to life. Best of all, underlying the serious account of Carrie’s troubles is a deep humor—-a sense of cosmic irony which ultimately gives the novel its meaning. As a debut in a packed and competitive field “Pink Balloons and Other Deadly Things” ....is way out front.”
John Lewell - Femaledetective.com

  “Carrie is a clever slightly neurotic heroine whose personal life is in disarray—-the kind of heroine that Susan Isaacs might put in a mystery....Fortunately, the detective on the case finds Carrie’s inept assistance charming and together the two make a fine team....this, combined with her burgeoning romance should keep readers interested in her next appearance.”
Publishers Weekly

 “The mystery is tricky and I didn’t see “whodunit” until the last minute....An enjoyable fast read.”
Mysterious Strands

 “....vulnerable, spunky. Carrie Carlin is irresistible.”
Carol Lea Benjamin - Author of This Dog for Hire


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Pink Balloons and Other Deadly Things


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