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Sharks, Jellyfish and Other Deadly Things

Carrie Carlin helps her patients get things under control. It's her own life that's in chaos. Carrie answers a plea for help from her friend Meg and flies to Key West -- and a new sea of troubles. A boat accident has left Meg's husband, Kevin, missing and presumed dead. But when his body never turns up, Carrie suspects something is terribly wrong. Then Meg is attacked. Suddenly Carrie needs more than deep-breathing exercises. She needs to troll the Florida Keys for Kevin. She needs the help of her lover, homicide cop Ted Brodsky. And she needs to fish around for hard answers and chilling secrets... before a killer lures her in with a deep, deadly surprise.

"An enjoyable fast read. The mystery is tricky and I didn't see 'whodunit' coming till the
last minute. I think those of you who like Jill Churchill, Diane Mott Davidson
and Katherine Hall Page will like this one."
Mysterious Strands

“Once more Nancy has produced a compelling blend of vividly imagined characters, arcane facts, and suspenseful plot to create a most enjoyable mystery....It rivals the best in the genre.”
John Lewell - Femaledetective.com

 “True to her character’s occupation, Tesler delivers a stress-free mystery. The story is light, the plotting is first class and the characters engaging.”
Oline Codgill - The Sun-Sentinal

 “Sharks, Jellyfish and Other Deadly Things has lots of questions, lots of humor, a bunch of attractive men, more than one slimy character, a humungous fish tank....But most of all there’s Carrie Carlin. Nancy Tesler has made her warm, funny, gutsy, vulnerable and loyal. If we’re lucky we all have a friend  like her. In the meantime we can take her home in a book.
Jackie Acampora - Mystery.Net.com

 “A winner...Carrie Carlin is a thoroughly modern heroine—feisty, independent, and funny.”
Valerie Wolzein - Author of the Susan Henshaw and Josie Pigeon mysteries


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