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Shooting Stars and Other Deadly Things

Carrie Carlin's negative reaction when her lover, cop Ted Brodsky, mentions the M word (that's marriage, not murder) may spell the end to their relationship. So might snooping into a homicide on Ted's turf. A local philanthropist has been killed by a cyclist wielding an unusual murder weapon -- a stick and a star. And the elderly owner of the antiques store near Carrie's office is the only eyewitness. Carrie quickly offers her neighbor emotional support and her home as a refuge. That simple gesture is about to land her in hot water, caught between Ted's anger at her meddling... and the deadly intentions of a killer who walks softly, holds a chilling secret, and may be closer than Carrie thinks...

"One hell of a page-turner! Nancy Tesler navigates the reader through the complex tangle of Forester's murder and Carrie's subsequent investigation with a remarkable ease... Tesler leaves the reader guessing... almost to the bitter end."     Diana L. Marsh
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"A true 90s heroine, vulnerable, spunky. Carrie Carlin is irresistible."
Carol Lea Benjamin
Author of the Rachel Alexander and Dash Mystery Series

“This is a fast-paced read with a great style that will pull you into a well-written world of engaging mysteries and delightful characters.”

“The book contains all the ingredients of a good cozy mystery: superlative friends, a cute family, a love interest, numerous shady suspects, and a convoluted and twisting plot.”
The Mystery Reader

“As a character she (Carrie) is growing as is Ms. Tesler’s talent...Focused and crisply written...I predict a long and successful run for Carrie and her creator.”
The Strand Magazine

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Shooting Stars and other Deadly Things


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