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Slippery Slopes and Other Deadly Things

Who would expect a killer to do in his/her victim while riding a chairlift at a peaceful alpine ski resort in full view of a throng of skiers gathered to watch the Christmas torchlight parade? Certainly not Carrie Carlin. First, the police discover that her scarf is the probable murder weapon. Then her roommate develops amnesia about a possible date rape, a close colleague and friend is attacked, there's another "accident" on those slippery slopes, and her significant other starts talking wedded bliss. Carrie's stress level shoots into the stratosphere as she finds herself dodging bullets and a ski-masked killer with a heart as cold as Vermont black ice!


“Wow! Don’t miss this stand-out-from-the-crowd cliffhanger with its slightly frazzled,
commitment-phobic, in-your-face heroine who’ll tickle your funny-bone as she steals your heart. I loved every fun-filled minute of Carrie's wild slide down those slippery slopes!”

Janet Evanovich, author of “Tricky Twenty-Two”

"Tesler uses the delicious irony of the stressed-out stress therapist to wonderful effect, rarely giving Carrie, or the reader, a chance to collect her thoughts... [She] employs gentle slapstick and a constant barrage of distractions and anxieties to make Carrie an easy character to root for."
Jonas Eno-Van Fleet
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

"Carrie proves she's earned her PhD (Plucky Heroine Degree) by uncovering a killer you only begin to suspect the second half of the book. The killer's motives are real... The 'red herrings' are truly imaginative, driven by multifaceted characters... [and] the secret is truly juicy, but plays second fiddle to Carrie and her engaging, endearing personality, her devotion to her children, her sparkling commentary, and her marriage dilemma
with sexy-but-flawed cop Ted Brodsky. This sharp, sassy, suspenseful,
smart mysteries a definite page-turner."
Kristin Johnson -

“Tesler has a deft hand with pacing and a shrewd eye for character, especially women.”
The Drood Review

“Nancy Tesler is back with her always entertaining, crime-solving heroine, Carrie Carlin. . . . This page-turning  novel with its carefully crafted plot is sure to garner more fans for Carrie Carlin.”
Romantic Times Magazine

 “I was so happy to see a new Carrie Carlin book.  My expectations were met and exceeded. Carrie is a vivacious and compelling character and I loved the background. The ski resort was the perfect place because I could picture the serenity until the murder took place. This is one I’ll be recommending to all my friends.”
I Love a Mystery

 “This amateur sleuth tale showcases a heroine who is prone to take risks even when she is only indirectly involved in a homicide investigation. She is exasperatingly stubborn and so good hearted that readers find themselves rooting for her and wanting her to back off while also feeling sorry for her lover who has to put up with her. Nancy Tesler knows how to write an extremely exciting who-done-it that can’t be put down.”
The Midwest Book Review

 “Carrie Carlin is a wonderfully drawn character. I enjoyed her sense of humor immensely. The author has just the right touch. A good story combined with a likeable—make that lovable—character….
I was sad when I turned the last page.”
Over My Dead Body

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Slippery slopes and other Deadly Things

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